What hope is there for us when even Amazon gets it so very wrong?

You’d think that a business such as Amazon, huge marketing spend, highly skilled, totally focused on driving out all the return it can  from it’s customers (and crucially, their data) would be pretty slick.

IMG_0514Which is why I was surprised to see them making some of the fundamental errors that can move any organisation, instantly, from the customer aware, tailored, informed, targeted, trusted-advisor role and out into the marketing Death Valley of badly constructed, poorly managed, blitzkrieg mailing.

They know a lot about me do Amazon, they know that I buy and read a lot of books! they know which ones! which authors! which genres, which formats I prefer! they know how often I buy stuff! and they’re pretty good at predicting what I might want to buy next! often they’re right.

They also know my name, my address my credit card details, my friends, (the ones I buy stuff for and the ones I recommend stuff to) they know my email. So how is it that they send a generic mail  to my email, but address me as “Dear Amazon.co.uk customer”, and deliver the exciting news that I like “books“.

Really? no kidding! what insight, what a personalised approach.

There’s a lesson for all of us here, I allow them to use my data because I get value from that, if they fail to treat it with intelligence and respect, they’re failing to live up to the deal.

And that’s a relationship killer when we, the customers, have choices, and voices…