Don’t let vacations vandalise your value!

sky_bannerAs a direct result of pretty much most of the country having 11 days off  (back in May 2011) one of our clients lost 30% of that month’s business, yes, 30%! This, unsurprisingly, had a major and un-addressable impact on their financials.

There will always be holidays, public or private, but business doesn’t have to come to a standstill. We’re now hitting the annual Department of Education sponsored holiday-fest but not everyone will be away at the same time so it’s vital to keep the pressure up. There’s a long-held, unquestioned, unchallenged and widely held popular belief that you don’t do any lead generation in July and August as everyone is on holiday.

Tosh! They don’t all go away, it just changes, maybe a different approach, a staggered contact plan, a different call to action, maybe a few less calls but often conversations of better quality.